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The Andy Forbes Files

Topics to interest of people working in the cloud

Dec 29, 2008

Eric Mandel, the President of Blackmesh, talks about the services offered by Blackmesh and shares some thoughts on cloud services and virtualization.

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Dec 23, 2008

Bryan House, Director of Marketing, Acquia, provides an overview of Drupal, Acquia's role in the Drupal market, and some thoughts about the future of Drupal.

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Dec 22, 2008

Feras Alhlou, President and Principal Consultant at E-Nor, talks about how to get started with Google Analytics. Topics include registration, reports, key performance indicators, and segmentation.


Dec 15, 2008

Steve Offutt, a consultant on environmental issues, talks to Andy about "green" business opportunities.


Dec 15, 2008

Phil Kemelor, VP, Strategic Analytics, Semphonic, and Lead Analyst for the CMS Watch Web Analytics Report talks to Andy about web analytics...