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The Andy Forbes Files

Topics to interest of people working in the cloud

Jul 20, 2005

Interview with Kyrre Roksund.

Kyrre talks about the differences when doing business and raising money in the U.S. and Europe.

Keywords: Kyrre Roksund Amparo

Jul 14, 2005

Interview with Mark Lewyn, Paxfire.

Mark talks about his experience raising money from the CIT GAP fund.

Keywords: Mark Lewyn Paxfire CIT GAP raising money

Jul 12, 2005

Interview with Todd Tweedy.

Todd talks about internet advertising from the customer point of view and the large web site operator point of view.

Keywords: Todd Tweedy internet advertising

Jul 11, 2005

Interview with Larry Payne, Branch Sales Manager for Strategic Accounts, Xspedius.

Larry talks about the telecom services sold by Xspedius.

Keywords: Larry Payne Xspedius telecom telephony

Jul 9, 2005

Interview with Jeff Salinger, Principal, Stuart Mill Capital.

Jeff talks about the process of preparing to raise money, and talks as well about some of the basic principals of running a successful business.

Keywords: Jeff Salinger Stuart Mill Capital Venture Capital VC