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The Andy Forbes Files

Topics to interest of people working in the cloud

Mar 11, 2006

Andy talks to Konstantin Guericke, the VP Marketing and Co-Founder at LinkedIn, about how LinkedIn is managing growth. Topics include the process of deciding which features to add to LinkedIn and balancing new features against enhancing the stability of the current system.

Keywords: LinkedIn startup management

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over seventeen years ago

Hi Andy,
I need you opinion, if you can :-)
I have been involved in IT tech enterprise development and operations for many years. For very long, I noticed that we do extensive analysis in choosing 99% or better availability of hardware & software. Most companies put in exhaustive measures to make study and evaluate all possible scenarios. However, this mechanism has a serious flaw. How do you ensure proper competent personnel are available ALL the time (24x7, truly 365 days). Lots of times, folks get filled in on \"adhoc\" basis. Even a simple innocuous command can have devastating affect. This given us an opportunity. I was thinking about starting a corporate IT team (very different from regular consultants) with high caliber folks. There is an internal redundancy built-in with additional techies, many of them (in this group) are equally familiar with both technical and functional areas of that business task. This can be escalated to their manager, who is very hands on person and ready to fix any problems at site.

What do you think about such a solution, from a marketing perspective. I am more comfortable from technical, functional and logistics wise. If you can, please share your thoughts.